Best Cardio Machines For Boxers

Having good stamina as a boxer is essential to winning fights. You can have the best technique in the world and still lose if you’re feeling fatigued. You need a well-rounded workout routine to maximize your training and become a better boxer, this includes cardio training. Cardio work can help improve your speed, endurance, agility, balance, and stability. There are plenty of options for cardio machines to put right in your home, these are our top picks.


Boxing requires a combination of long term endurance to get you through all the rounds and explosiveness to ensure you're able to use your full range of power. Air bikes are great for both endurance training and high intensity intervals. Another huge benefit to an air bike is you will get a full body work out. If you do a 30 second sprint your arms and legs will be burning. Training on a machine like this will help your muscles stay stronger for longer during a fight. Air bikes also have an option to place your feet on the rests and work only your upper body, which is a unique option that would be particularly beneficial for boxers. As an athlete myself, I can tell you this is one of my favourite cardio machines for sport specific training.


A rowing machine is another form of cardio that will give you a full body workout. This versatile piece of equipment can also give users both a cardio and a strength training workout for double the effectiveness. A vigorous rowing workout can help athletes better their stamina, while strengthening major muscle groups. In addition, the range of motion used on a rowing machine can help improve flexibility. This is a low impact cardio option, which is a bonus since a fight can put some stress on your joints. Along with better endurance, you may also notice an improvement in the power behind your punches after using the rowing machine.


It's safe to say that most boxers try to incorporate running into their routine. Running is great for improving speed and endurance in the ring.  There are a variety of different types of workouts you can do on a treadmill, such as intervals, sprints, long distance and hills where you adjust the incline at which you're running. Running outside is also a good option, however running on a treadmill is easier on your joints and it allows you to train year round, which is particularly important if you live in a colder climate. When training on a treadmill don't forget to utilize the incline. Even putting it up to 1 or 2% will add extra stress to help build muscle.  

While we think these are some of the best cardio options for boxers, there are still plenty other types of cardio machines to explore. If you have more questions about cardio training for boxers, be sure to reach out to  us at Full Contact Sports